Psssssst! The Spring 2024 issue of the GATESOL Journal dropped!


The spring 2024 issue of GATESOL Journal invites readers to consider how they traverse the path of multilingual learner education. The articles in the issue trace the historical policies that have led to the current state of education for multilingual learners, provide a checkpoint for evaluating assessment, create a plan for visualizing the destination, and explore artificial intelligence tools to help navigate the road ahead. This issue will highlight how language educators can work with and for their students to cultivate language across contexts through interrogating assessment results, reflecting on the trajectory of language policy, envisioning the future, and harnessing technology tools.

Published 5/20/2024
Editors: Alexandra J. Reyes and Eliana Hirano; Associate Editors: Abdulsamad Humaidan and Ethan Trinh

Call for submissions! Have some research, perspectives, or teaching techniques to share? Submit a manuscript for review. Priority deadline: July 1st to be considered for publication in our Fall issue