Supporting Multilingual Learners in the Era of COVID-19




This year, 2020, has been an exceptionally tough year. There have been multiple incursions on our social, political, and economic lives—COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and presidential proclamations barring foreigners from entering the U.S. These situations have directly impacted the psychology of students, teachers, parents, and administrators throughout Georgia and beyond and have forced educators to rethink, reshape, and redesign the teaching/learning space. This special issue is a response to the current climate in the U.S. and includes articles that focus on the changes, challenges, innovation, and instructional strategies that have affected the way we think about language, multilingual identities, second language instruction, and language program administration.

Author Biographies

David L. Chiesa, University of Georgia

Dr. David L. Chiesa is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Language and Literacy Department at the University of Georgia; email [email protected].


Robert A. Griffin, University of West Georgia

Dr. Robert A. Grifin is an Assistant Professor of Literacy and TESOL Education in the Department of Literacy and Special Education at the University of West Georgia; email [email protected].

Supporting MLs in COVID-19 (Chiesa & Griffin, 2020)




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Chiesa, D. L., & Griffin, R. A. (2020). Supporting Multilingual Learners in the Era of COVID-19. GATESOL Journal, 30(1), 1–2.



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