Teaching during Times of Change: On Being a Georgian TESOL Educator in Cairo


  • Lori Fredricks The American University in Cairo




applied linguistics, esl


This reflective article describes ESL teacher training in Cairo, Egypt during the past five years. The author details her experiences with her MA students during the revolution and the military coup. She further explores how this journey has been influenced by her prior work in Tajikistan and Atlanta, Georgia and the parallels that exists across these contexts. 

Author Biography

Lori Fredricks, The American University in Cairo

Lori Fredricks has a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education from Georgia State University. Dr. Fredricks has been an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at the American University in Cairo since 2009. She has worked as an ESL/EFL teacher, teacher trainer, and researcher in the US, Tajikistan and Egypt. As a former English Language Fellow and a Fulbright grantee, her work has focused on developing culturally relevant curricula, supporting literacy in multicultural and multilingual contexts, and exploring teacher discourse in online and face-to-face interactions.


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