From Self-Doubt to Self-Acceptance: An ESL Learner’s Journey


  • Jing Li University of Houston



Self-acceptance, ESL learners, Storytelling, Collaborative learning, Diversity.


The paper is a narrative inquiry into how an ESL learner transits from self-doubt to  

self-acceptance in America. Three aspects are found to be critical for the learner to  

reach self-acceptance: exposing the true self through storytelling; finding the true

self in collaborative learning; integrating the true self into the diversity. Those

aspects provide teachers practical ideas regarding how to foster students’ self-

acceptance and empower them to open themselves for communication in English. 

Author Biography

Jing Li, University of Houston

Jing Li is a current Ph.D. student in the College of Education, University of Houston. In the program of teaching and teacher education, she is studying teacher induction, teacher attrition and teacher professional development via narrative inquiry approach.                


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Li, J. (2016). From Self-Doubt to Self-Acceptance: An ESL Learner’s Journey. GATESOL Journal, 26(1).



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